Frequently Asked Question

Brainstorm Transcription Services recognizes how crucial our professional obligations are regarding maintaining security regulations for our clients. We are constantly updating our systems and infrastructure in order to safeguard your confidential information.

What do I need to use your transcription service?

All you need to use our transcription service is a computer and an internet connection. You can send us your recordings via our secure FTP, email or use third-party services such as Wetransfer or Dropbox. Furthermore, you can use our toll-free telephone system to directly record and send us your files.

How can I record my dictations for transcription?

Via Toll-Free Telephone

  1. Dial 1-866-625-6412 to call our toll-free dictation system.
  2. Enter your ID number followed by the pound (#) key. (Signup now to get your ID number and pin code).
  3. After you hear the recording beep, mention your name and begin recording your dictation.
  4. Instructions for functions such as pause, rewind, launch a new dictation, etc. will be provided along with our free trial service confirmation.
  5. Simply hang up when dictations are completed.

Via Digital Recorder

  1. Record dictations into your own digital recorder for transcription.
  2. Transfer dictation files to your computer.
  3. Send your dictations through our secure and reliable network.

Do you customize reports to client’s formats?

Yes. We customize reports to client’s required formats.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Brainstorm Transcription Services recognizes how crucial our professional obligations are regarding maintaining HIPAA regulations for our clients. We are constantly updating our knowledge base, transcription systems, and infrastructure in order to safeguard your confidential information.
Secure Data Transfer Your data is transferred using 128-bit SSL encryption. Transfer is powered by reliable platforms of Verisign, Inc. and Hilgraeve, Inc., leading internet security service providers, so you can rest assured your data is transferred with the greatest level of protection.
Data Confidentiality We enforce strict in-house IT security policies to ensure the confidentiality of client data.

  1. Each transcriptionist and support person on our staff is required to sign a Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements (CNDA) to guarantee client data privacy.
  2. Transcription lab computers do not utilize any external drives (CD, DVD, USB, etc.).
  3. Internet access for the transcription staff is limited to a few search engines solely for the purpose of searches pertaining to drug information, medical terms, and other pertinent information to insure accuracy.
  4. The downloading or uploading of any data or checking of emails under any circumstances is prohibited in our transcription lab, and our computers in the lab do not have access to printers.

Our computer network is protected by state of the art Cisco PIX firewalls, which safeguards our transcription computer network from hacking and virus threats.

How soon can I get back my transcribed records (turnaround time)?

Receive transcribed reports back to your PC using our simple yet safe to use 128-bit SSL secure web-based platform. Normal delivery time for sending completed reports back to our U.S. clients is three to five business days.

How do I pay for your transcription service?

We send monthly invoices. We have an account with Silicon Valley Bank, CA. You can mail your checks to the bank.

What is a 65-character line (medical transcription)?

Our medical transcription rates are based on a standard line definition of 65 characters including spaces. Only spaces between words are counted. Empty lines, tabs, headers, footers, standard templates, and hard enters are not counted. We use the standard word count utility of MS Word © to calculate characters and spaces. For additional information, we provide a coversheet with daily 65-character line count figure to you

Why do you use a 65-character line?

The 65-character line is standardized for variations in font types and sizes, page margins, and page sizes. In this way the same count always applies to different formats.

Do you charge for standard text?

No. We charge for the text we type in. Any standard text which is already there in the template is not charged.

How do you assure quality?

Our carefully screened and experienced transcriptionists are fully equipped with state of the art support software (such as the Stedman Medical Dictionary, American Heritage book, and the Quick look Drug Reference, et al.) so they are able to consistently produce the desired accuracy and speed. Our unique Quality Audit process continuously challenges and improves our operational systems in order to achieve optimum efficiency.
The corporate culture at BrainStorm provides a uniquely high-spirited, friendly, and creative environment for our team. This enables us to attract and retain the best human resources in the industry.

How can I contact you in case of any problem?

Write to